Javier Gomesoto - Mexico

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'Corn Smile'

Javier Gomesoto

Javier Gomesoto is Country Leader for Mexico -

to FabrianoInAcquarello International Watercolour Symposium

After few years in advertising he met painting with a Spanish and recognized painter Demetrio Llordén. He started teaching in halftones resources in pencil, charcoal, oil and watercolor media.

At the beginning the topics he explored were ethnic themes in where he learned to solve different Mexican atmospheres. Whith the skill he was able to paint characters of different parts of the world applying different ways combining water and color.

He has won different awards around the world, mainly for his Watercolors artworks.

To Learn More >> https://www.instagram.com/javiergomesoto/

Javier's Video Demonstration will be on show in

The Bailiff's Room - The Old Court House Gallery Cairns - Australia

10am to 4pm - Tuesday to Saturdays

11th September to 23rd October - 2021

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