Let's Introduce Our Team - The Curatorial Panel - Jude Scott

- From Our Curatorial Panel -

Jude Scott - Western Australia!

Jude travels internationally and shares her artistic talent without reserve - based in her gorgeous garden studio in Western Australia she also inspires and teaches at home.

When we talked about creating an opportunity for Australian Artists and the Australian Watercolour Scene to become higher profile and connected with this network more formally - Jude was one of the first supporters to sit down and discuss the options and what we should do to grow this momentum for Australia!

Jude works from floral, to landscapes - amazing sketches during her plein air trips to remote parts of Western Australia and also discovering the fun and genre of portraiture painting with her stunning image of - 'Luca The Chauffeur' - just finished this last day or so - ready for the 'Muster' Jude? 🌞

Jude Scott is a Perth based artist and has studied painting in oils, watercolour and drawing with professional tutors and artists in Western Australia, New South Wales and China over the years.

She is a passionate advocate of watercolour, and as such has chosen to specialize in this medium because of the diverse nature and complexity of watercolour.

“Watercolour is such a beautiful and expressive medium to use, it can be powerful and bold or delicate and subtle, it is a medium that can also produce exquisite textures and marks that never fail to fascinate me.  I find inspiration from a diverse range of subjects and always love a fresh challenge.

Favorite subjects that I love to paint are serene landscapes, vibrant florals and intriguing faces. There are so many ideas and subjects for the next painting I will need to keep painting till I am a 105 says Jude. “I was thrilled to be going to Fabriano for the second time this year April 2019, it was such a buzz in 2018.”

Jude is a popular teacher, demonstrator and a workshop tutor and facilitator in Western Australia, running regular classes in her Canning Vale studio. Jude tutors workshops on demand for small or large groups throughout the year in city and country locations in Western Australia and overseas.

As an extension of being an avid traveler Jude tutors’ international workshops, June 2018 and June 2019 at Ubud, Bali and has been invited to tutor two courses at The Watermill, Tuscany Italy in August 2019.

Jude Scott’s artworks can be viewed on the website: www.judescott.co

We are looking forward to bringing Jude's eye to our Curatorial Pane!

Please Contact us if you would like more information !


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