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Neil Taylor - Sydney NSW

Moondancers - sold 

Moondancers was the winner of the peoples choice award at the Mosman art Prize in 2015.  122 cm x 137 cm  -  Synthetic polymer paint on canvas 

Neil Taylor was born in Brisbane in 1953, and studied painting with William Robinson at Kelvin Grove Teachers College in 1970/72 and has held almost 50 exhibitions since 1975.

Neil is Vice President of the Australian Watercolour Institute - Sydney.

With superb technical skill, Neil paints by combining a variety of styles collaged together and often uses photographic sources. His subjects are idealized poetic interpretations of wilderness and oceans. While often working from expeditions to remote areas of Australia he is currently painting subjects closer to where he lives in the Blue Mountains area west of Sydney.

Neil Taylor has been a Finalist in major prizes; most recently the Tattersalls Club Landscape Art Prize (2018). His has exhibited in the NSW Parliament Plein Air Painting Prize, KAAF Art Prize and Calleen Art Award, Archibald, Wynne and Sulman Art Prizes. He is a past Winner of the Mount Eyre and Gosford Art Prizes, winner of the Viewer's Choice Award for the Mosman Art Prize, and People's Choice and Volunteers' Choice Award at the Stanthorpe Art Festival.

Dawn On The Blackheath Wall

Blackheath Dawn

Cadenza I

To enjoy more of Neil's Work head across | https://www.instagram.com/neilptaylor/

We are looking forward to bringing Neil's eye to our Curatorial Panel!

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