Hope by Masha Yaghmaei

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ARTIST NOTES: No matter what is your age, HOPE is a must in your life. During pandemic COVID 19 days I just painted most of my spare times and all weekends. The impacts on elderly has been major due to the bad news and also the fear of being highly at risk of testing positive. I wanted to demonstrate a beautiful elderly that still has hope and can enjoy the life by looking at simple things around her- like a rose!

DIMENSIONS (Height - 76.00 cm X Width - 56.00 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Watercolour on Paper
GENRE Portrait
REGISTERED NRN # 000-42681-0135-01
COPYRIGHT © Masha Yaghmaei


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Artist: Masha Yaghmaei


Masha (Mahshad) is a self taught Watercolor Artist born in Iran. She has experienced various mediums such as coloured pencil, charcoal, ink, gouache, oil and watercolor. The one and only medium that Masha is in love with, is Watercolor. The softness and transparency of watercolor attracted Masha. Especially the planning phase that needs to be properly completed prior to the start of any project is unique. Masha is very grateful that has received 2 certificates from world known professional organisations. In 2020 she received a certificate from International Watercolor Society of Singapore (IWS Singapore) also her artwork was printed in their catalogue and published around the world. In 2021 she received another certificate from International Watercolor Society of Ukraine in the Miniwatercolor competition, 42 countries were among the finalists and in the mentioned two International competitions, Masha was honored to be the only selected Artist from Australia and representing this country.