Flight Path by Caroline Deeble

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DIMENSIONS (Height - 38.00 cm X Width - 55.00 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Watercolour on Paper
GENRE Contemporary
REGISTERED NRN # 000-37827-0219-01
COPYRIGHT © Caroline Deeble
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Artist: Caroline Deeble


Caroline Deeble  
Artist’s statement/curriculum vitae

I am a visual thinker. With each moment captured in time, an inerasable photograph is etched in my mind. It is these images that inturn redevelop and become the new image of the next art work that I create. My paintings are my visual creative response to my day dreams. Bringing them to life is my reward. I see myself as a painter of our natural world. It's beauty , colours and organic form inspires my continued developing artistic response. My passion & experience enables me to share my art technical skills through my private studio workshop classes. 

Professional & Education experience:
Always painting, taking photographs and developing new art responses since I was a child, I am a creative spirit and always strive to develop my artistic abilities. Having spent 12 years as Visual Arts Technical Assistant, I was given the opportunity to work with a diverse range of mediums while inspiring senior secondary visual art students. Developing skills in drawing, painting, photography (SLR & Digital), printmaking, graphic, sculpture & ceramics my reward is to have a better understanding of how mediums mark, how to bring them to life and how to genuinely explore life through creative art practice. Following through with my desire to learn I completed a Diploma in Multi Media with Anutech at ANU in 2004 and completed an open art / creative adult learning course with The Canberra School of Art, ANU in 2006; 1998 - 2004 I developed many skills through local arts courses in Photography, Digital Design & Photoshop, and Creative Visual Diary Development & Book Binding. I spent many years developing and working under private tuition with Canberra Artist, the late ‘Tom Parsons’. 

Currently working as an art teacher at The Lake House Studio teaching fine arts , specialising in watercolour. As an artist I am also practicing fine art as a part time artist, sharing art practice with local artists & photographers together with exploring creative endeavours with the Marsden Arts Group (MAG).

Most recent exhibitions/commissions

1998 – 2007 Creative Artwork & Presentations for MacKillop College, annual Festivals & Staff Conferences, Canberra 
2004 St Michael’s Annual Art Exhibition, Turner, Canberra 
2004 Digital representation for celebrating community in response to the Canberra bush fires, Weston Community Centre, Canberra 
2005 Private commissions for Catholic Education Office, St Christopher’s Cathedral Manuka, Canberra 
2007 Visual Art Staff Exhibition, ISART Gallery, MacKillop College, Isabella, Canberra 
2011 Canberra Art workshop, Women@Work ‘Food For Thought’, ANCA Gallery, Canberra 
2011. Joint exhibition by request – restaurant Manuka ACT 
2011 Marsden Arts Group Annual Exhibition ‘Refugia’, Watson Arts Gallery ACT 
2012 Joint Solo exhibition – ‘Ocean & Earth’ , Tuggeranong Arts Centre Canberra  
2012 ‘Ten’ the 10 year anniversary exhibition of the Marsden Art Group – (MAG) Watson Arts Centre 
2013 Faces of Canberra – Shared exhibition – Marsden Art Group – M16 Artspace 
2015 Teaching technical fine art skill at The Lake House Studio 
2015. Providing original watercolour/ink works commission -hand painted garments - for the ‘Undress Runways’ 2015 fashion events for PurePod in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney sponsored by BMW Australia. 
2015. Annual exhibition ‘The Lake House Studio’ principal & students works 
2016. Private commission – interior design unique art door 
2016. Private commission – modern landscape- canberra client 
2016. Private commission – abstract animals - Brisbane client 
2016. Private contract – deliver daily watercolour workshops for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines 
2016. Guest lecturer/demonstrator University of the 3rd Age – watercolour workshop


See artist Bio


See artist Bio 
The following link is from a joint solo exhibition held at the Tuggeranong Arts Centre , Canberra 




Lyn Olsen , Pablo Picasso , Fred Williams , Georgia O'Keeffe are just a few amazing artists that have influenced my love of painting the natural world.