Bharatanatyam by Richard Tiejun Chao

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DIMENSIONS (Height - 55.00 cm X Width - 75.00 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Watercolour on Paper
GENRE Portrait
REGISTERED NRN # 000-41693-0135-01
COPYRIGHT © Richard Tiejun Chao


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Artist: Richard Tiejun Chao


Richard Tiejun Chao is a world renowned watercolorist living in Sydney, Australia. Master Member of IWS (International Watercolor Society), Member of NWS (National Watercolor Society of America),Signature Member of GAWA (Global Association of Watercolor Artists)


09/2004-07/2007, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Oil Painting, Master of Art

09/1991-07/1995, Xi’an Fine Arts Academy, Oil Painting, BA

09/1987-07/1991, Xi’an Fine Arts College, Certificate of Accomplishment

Born in a family of artistic atmosphereï¼ÂÂŒhe has accomplished 11-year systematic professional study on oil painting and obtained Masters Degree of Art. Taking a contemporary perspective, he depicts his interpretation on the human world in his realistic paintings. An explorative artist as he is, Richard tries out the possibilities of watercolor as a medium with huge size paintings. His models are people from every corners of the world with diverse and unique customs and cultures, as well as religions, which amaze him; while the common feature among these people from all walks of life, their sufferings and happiness, impresses him. His expertise and endeavour on painting have won him awards and reputation world wide. In last years, hes been winners or finalists in over 40 prizes and his art worksve been exhibited and solo exhibitions have been held in 5 continents. Meanwhile, his artworks are featured in the international leading journals. His paintings are collected by museums, galleries and private collectors. Richard travels around the world to international art exhibitions and art festivals. He is also invited to jury contests, give demonstrations, workshops and lectures in Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Solo Exhibition 水彩个å±Â•

Watercolor Solo Exhibition, Sydney, NSW, Australia, Aug. 2016

Richard Chao’s Watercolor Solo Exhibition, Sydney, NSW, Australia, 2018

Identity— Richard Chao’s Watercolor Solo Exhibition, Sydney, NSW, Australia, 2019

Prizes、 Honors and Group Exhibitions 

Jury of GAWA (Global Association of Watercolor Artists) Annual International Watercolor Contest -2019

“An Old Sikh Man”(watercolor on paper), Top 3 Award, 2019 NWS Member Exhibitionï¼ÂŒUSAï¼ÂŒ 2019

“Indian Old Man”(watercolor on paper), Finalist, 2018 NWS 98th InternationalOpen Exhibitionï¼ÂŒUSAï¼ÂŒ 2018

“Good Friends” Excellence Award, The first Universal Watercolor Exposition, Zhejiang, China, Nov. 2018

“Record of Life” Finalist, SENSAZIONI International Watercolor Exhibition, Italy, Nov. 15, 2018

“The Thinker” Rosemary & Co Bruch Award, A Symphony International Watercolour Festival、Exhibitionï¼ÂŒRichmondï¼ÂŒCanadaï¼ÂŒ2018

“Bronze Age” Excellence Award, International Watercolour Festival、Exhibitionï¼ÂŒCzech Republicï¼ÂŒ2018

“Street Drummer 2” Finalist, IWS Mexico's Premio Tlálocï¼ÂŒMexico Cityï¼ÂŒMexico, 2018

Invited Demonstration Master, “Spring International Watercolor Festival”, Tirana, Albania, May 20-30, 2018

Representative Artist from the Watercolor Community of Australia, “Fabriano in Acquarello 2018”, Fabriano, Italy, May 3-7, 2018

“Street Drummer” (watercolor on paper), Second Place Winner, Harmony through Watercolor 2017, 2nd International Watercolor Society (IWS) India,Biennale, New Delhi, India, Dec.8, 2017

“Rodeo” (watercolor on paper), Finalist, “Waves of Colors--IWS Bangladeshi Biennale 2018”, Nov. 2017

“Hair in the Air” (watercolor on paper), First Prize Winner, IWS Canada 2017, Canada, Sept. 2017.

“Hair in the Air” (watercolor on paper), Finalist, NWS (National Watercolor Society) 2017 Member’s Exhibition, California, USA, June 2017

“Mirror Lake” (watercolor on paper), Finalist, “The World of Watercolor--IWS Slovakia International Watercolor Exhibition 2017”, Bratislava, Slovakia, June, 2017

“Street Drummer” (watercolor on paper), Winner of “Reader’s Competition”, “The Art of Watercolor”, issue 27, Paris, France, Jun. 2017

“Lest We Forget” (watercolor on paper), Finalist, Hunter’s Hill Art Exhibition,

“Tibetan Girl” (watercolor on paper), Finalist, Light Watercolor-1st International

Watercolor Festival IWS Portugal, Portugal, May 2017

“Understanding Our Uniqueness”, interview article, “The Art of Watercolor”, Issue 26, Paris, France, Mar 2017

“Looking into the Sky”, Cover Painting, “The Art of Watercolor”, Issue 26, Paris, France, Mar 2017

“Tibetan Sunshine” (watercolor on paper), Second Place Winner, IWS 2017 Ecuador Biennale, Quito, Ecuador, Mar. 2017

“In the Burning Sun” (watercolor on paper), Juror’s Selection Award, 8th Continental Watercolor Art Hua-Yang, Taipei, Taiwan, Jan. 2017

“A Wrestler King’s Roaring after His Victory” (Watercolor on Paper), Portraiture Top 10, IWS 2016 Albania Biennale, Tirana, Albania, Nov. 2016

“A Weathered Face”, Finalist, IWS HK First International Watercolor Biennale,

Hong Kong, China, 2016

“The Parable of Seeds”, Finalist, Watercolor Exhibition of Western Chinapage5image13496

Impression, Xi’an, China, 2016

《原ä½Âæ°Â‘ç”·å­Âã€‹åŠ æ‹¿å¤§IWS国际水彩双年å±Â•ï¼ÂŒ 加拿大 温哥华ï¼ÂŒ2016å¹´ 3月

“An Aboriginal Man”, Finalist, IWS Canada Biennale, Vancouver, Canada, March,2016

Work Experience: 

12/2013-present, Watercolorist

06/2004-12/2013, Chinese Business View, Head of Depart of Graphic Designing (Full-time).

03/2000-06/2004,  Chinese Business View, Graphic Designerï¼ÂÂŒCartoonist (Part-time).

07/1995-06/2004, Shaanxi Xueqian University, Teacher of Fine Arts (Full-time).